Rent a parking space at Pelican in Copenhagen

Are you tired of endlessly looking for available parking spots in and around central Copenhagen? Then we have the solution for you!

For a monthly fee, you can rent your own parking space at one of our numerous Pelican locations in the Capital region. Explore further details about the locations and prices below.

Get your own parking space

With a private parking space at Pelican you can safely park your car, trailer or motorcycle, as long as you need it for. It is up to you how often and for what period of time you will use the parking space.

Parking lots can be found at our multiple facilities above.

Take care of your car - get a parking space at Pelican

An increasing number of people get cars in big cities! It means that you can safely and comfortably drive to work, for a family visit and so on. Even though Copenhagen is traditionally considered to be a bicycle city, the amount of cars grows.

The four-wheeled vehicles fill up multiple parking spaces around the city and the side streets along the apartment blocks. The rush hour starts at 17.00, when the majority of the Danish population returns home from work. There is simply no room, and there are not many people willing to drive for more than 10 minutes searching for a place to park. So what should you do?

At Pelican Self Storage we now offer rental of parking spaces in five of our centers in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. This means that you can rent your own parking space, which is available whenever you need it.

If you have a trailer or a motorcycle that you do not have room for at home, we can also find safe solutions for you. Do not hesitate. Contact us today and hear more about the parking possibilities that we offer.

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