Our old storage solution was both expensive and inefficient.

StarLabs is successful at selling muscle-building supplements to sporty Danes.

Protein, Creatine, Fat burner, Pre-workout and much more. Within few years StarLabs marketed themselves as one of the leading producers of sports supplements. The international brand is owned by Thomas Rosenlund, that currently lives in Spain. His daughter, Kristina, has built the Danish part of the company from scratch.

’’Initially the idea was that I would take a gap year after high school and work in a clothing store,’’ says Kristina Rosenlund. ‘’One day I was sitting and talking with my father. We came up with the idea that it would be great to bring StarLabs to Denmark. The fitness wave is global. People would like to live healthy, they would like to look good and be in good shape. It is here, where our supplements come in.’’

Already from the first Facebook post there was a huge interest for StarLabs’ products. Nevertheless, Kristina faced a big challenge. She had to build both logistic networks and an effective sales model:

‘’I’ve started with a small shop and a small storage in Herlev. It was back in 2014. We have, however, quickly ran into trouble and a lot of extra expenses for maintenance, pest control and alarm systems. It did not just cost time and money, it also costed some mental efforts. We simply needed to find a better storage solution.’’

When it comes to cash flow, it was a genius solution for us, to be able to scale up and down in size of our storage unit as our business was growing.

StarLabs found that solution at Pelican Amagerbro, where Kristina and her father now have a big light showroom, with their own office, conference rooms and storage.

‘’As a newly established company you have two limited resources: cash flow and time,’’ Thomas Rosenlund explains. ‘’When it comes to cash flow, it was a genius solution for us, to be able to scale up and down in size of our storage unit as our business was growing. As for the time, it is essential that Kristina is out engaging with the customers instead of sitting and waiting for a delivery man who does not show up on time in Herlev.’’

The staff at Pelican is also an important resource for StarLabs, says Thomas Rosenlund:

‘’The employees responsible for package acceptance, waste disposal, video surveillance and everything else, are the people we do not have to hire ourselves. It gives us an incredible flexibility, that everything is under control. It also saves us a lot of expenses on daily basis.’’

Too many businesses are eager to rent expensive locations because they dream of having their own place. Here you get a flexible solution that works from day 1. I would recommend all entrepreneurs to start at Pelican.

It looks like StarLabs has found a business model that works, says Kristina:

’’During the first four years we doubled the turnover approximately every 12th month. This year alone we have increased our revenue tenfold! It is crazy, and it confirms that we have a strong set up. There are many businesses that fail because they cannot manage their logistics. We have managed to solve this problem.’’

As for the future of StarLabs, they are looking for new innovative collaborations. One of the ideas is to expand their product line and sell goods for gluten free baking – which will naturally lead to even higher growth, says Kristina Rosenlund:

’’In five years from now I would like to be able to ask randomly ten people on the street what they think about StarLabs. They do not necessarily have to have tried our products, but it would be nice if they knew our brand. That is the direction we are heading.’’

StarLabs are renting a big, light showroom at Pelican Amagerbro. The unit has a direct access from the street and accommodates both office and storage, as well as conference room and shop.

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