Pelican Gladsaxe

Buddingevej 310
2860 Søborg
Opening hours - Shop
10:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 14:00
Sunday and public holidays
Access to storage units
All days
05:30 - 24:00

Reserve a unit at Pelican Gladsaxe

0,75 m2 Locker
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 40 kr./mo. Hereafter 79 kr. monthly.
1,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 210 kr./mo. Hereafter 419 kr. monthly.
2 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 275 kr./mo. Hereafter 549 kr. monthly.
3 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 415 kr./mo. Hereafter 829 kr. monthly.
4 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 480 kr./mo. Hereafter 959 kr. monthly.
5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 590 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.179 kr. monthly.
6 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 635 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.269 kr. monthly.
7,5 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 640 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.279 kr. monthly.
9 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 925 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.849 kr. monthly.
10 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 970 kr./mo. Hereafter 1.939 kr. monthly.
18 m2
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 1.540 kr./mo. Hereafter 3.079 kr. monthly.
23 m2 Heated Garage
First 2 months -50%
First 2 months rent 2.320 kr./mo. Hereafter 4.639 kr. monthly.

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Parking Cars - Outdoor
Sold out
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About Pelican Gladsaxe

Pelican Gladsaxe at Buddingevej 310 is ideally located for anyone in the neighbourhoods of Søborg, Gladsaxe, Dyssegård and Kgs. Lyngby who needs more storage space, and has convenient access from Ring 3 and Buddinge station.

Here, we have space for every need. With more than 700 storage rooms ranging in sizes from 1 m2 to more than 50 m2, we can provide more units for all our clients - small as well as large. In addition to our traditional storage rooms, we also offer larger storeroom units up to 600 m2.

Our facilities are secured by unique access codes and 24h video surveillance. In addition, all units are heated throughout the year. We also have a roofed unloading area which makes it easy and effortless to unload and load the moving van when relocating - while you stay dry regardless of the weather.

In our Gladsaxe facility, we also offer office rental for small companies. The office environment is located on the first floor and has basic amenities such as a kitchenette and a bathroom.

Easy storage solutions at your convenience

There are no limits to what you can choose to store with us. Whether it's clothes and furniture in a private storage room, a motorcycle in a heated garage or parking spaces, or perhaps you need a small office environment for your start-up business, you'll find your self storage solution here.

We guarantee you an easy, flexible and comfortable experience when you want to store your things - or your business - with us. Our skilled staff in Gladsaxe is ready to advise you, so you can get started quickly and easily. Of course, we also have all the necessary moving materials in our store, and as a customer you can rent a free trailer at your disposal at all times.

You will also have access to your personal storage room, garage or office facilities at Pelican almost around the clock, so you can always pop by with more stuff and pick it up again, or stay in the office and work late when you have a lot of deadlines to meet.

We look forward to welcoming you to our storage centre, where we tailor solutions for both private and business use. Contact us for more information.

Why Pelican Gladsaxe?
  • Unique location at Ring 3 and Buddinge station
  • Warehouse with roofed unloading area
  • Heated units with direct access
  • Parking space with monthly rental at favourable prices
  • Flexible office rental

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