Expand your business with extra space and increase your company’s efficiency with tailored storage solutions to suit your specific needs.

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Why Pelican for Business Storage


As part of our storage solutions, our staff can accept goods deliveries on your company’s behalf.


All our locations have 24-hour video surveillance.


You can access your storage unit from 5:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.


You can move out of your storage unit at short notice.


Drive your car or van straight up to the storage unit for quick and easy unloading and offloading.


If you need more - or less - storage space, you can change the size of your storage unit at no cost.

Multi-site storage and stock picking

Does your company’s sales people need local storage? If you have a driving sales force, Pelican offers you a multi-site storage solution so your company can have smaller storage units spread out in the Copenhagen area. With multi-site storage, your sales people will save valuable transportation time when picking up or bringing goods to the various units. Our rental agreement can easily be terminated and you can always choose a smaller or larger storage unit so you never pay for space that you don’t need. This makes your company’s storage solution both local and flexible.

Our professional staff will provide you with the best service and handle receipt of your goods. That frees up time for you to take care of your company’s customers. A perfect solution for any company with a driving sales force who needs stock picking or who has a considerable amount of samples or products in stock.

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Do you own a webshop or a small store but lack space for storage? Pelican has storage units with easy access all days from 5:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. The units are clean and dry and can be set up as a storage for packing shipments. Our professional staff takes care of goods reception while you look after your company’s customers. With the possibility to change units according to your needs, you avoid paying for space you don’t need and you can easily get more storage space when your business grows.

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Archives are important but often take up a lot of space. With our heated storage units, you can store your company’s archives and other things you don’t regularly use, making more space at your company for the important things - whether that is an extra work table for a new employee or a meeting area to seal future business deals. Our storage units are clean, dry and heated and all of our locations have camera surveillance and alarms so your company archives are safe.

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As a craftsman, you know the importance of having the right equipment for the job. Are you struggling to always fit all of your tools, equipment and supplies in your van? Pelican has drive-up storage units where you can drive your van straight to the unit. That makes for quick and easy unloading and offloading so you can get on with the job. You can access your storage unit every day from 5:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.

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Vermlandsgade 66
2300 København S

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Hulgårdsvej 131
2400 København NV

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Roskildevej 170
2500 Valby

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Sejrøgade 8
2100 København

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Buddingevej 310
2860 Søborg

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Kalkbrænderihavnsgade 3
2100 København Ø

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Roskildevej 519
2605 Brøndby

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A. C. Meyers Vænge 14
2450 København SV

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Frejasvej 30
3400 Hillerød

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Skodsborgvej 48
2830 Virum

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5 stars holder til her og det har vi gjort i snart 3 år... Vi startede med et lille rum på 3 m2 og har så i takt med Fitnesspigen er vokset med kunderne, fået større og større rum. Derudover kan vi sige om afdelingen i sydhavnen. Super personale i Bjarne og Jonas, altid venlige til at hjælpe, tage i mod pakker og så der jo gratis Kaffe. Vi bor her stadig :-)

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